• Mollie Mayfield

Historic Cowboys Comeback Win

A game all Cowboys fans will most likely never forget this season. Coach Mike McCarthy did continue his undefeated record at AT&T Stadium. This includes four wins and a Super Bowl win with the Green Bay Packers. This was McCarthy’s first win as head coach of the Cowboys.

The team and the fans were in disbelief from rallying back from a 20-point deficit in the first-quarter before defeating the Falcons, 40-39.

The teams played in front of over 21,000 fans at AT&T stadium during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kicker Greg Zeurlein performed the onside kick that the Cowboys have never tried during a game. After the ball was dribbled to the left sideline, Falcons players watched it cross the 10-yard mark when cornerback C.J. Goodwin recovered it.

As time expire, Zeurlein secured the game with a 46-yarder making the Cowboys sidelines and fans all over not believe what they witnessed.

For the fifth time in the history of the Cowboys’ organization, the team has recovered from being at least 20 points down and the second largest deficit overcome to win a game.

Quarterback Dak Prescott completed 34 of 47 passes for 450 yards with a touchdown pass and three touchdown runs. Prescott became the first player in NFL history to run for three touchdowns and pass for over 400 yards in a game.

The Cowboys are able to live to tell the story of how they started the 2020 season 1-1. Dallas is scheduled to play Seattle Seahawks next Sunday in Seattle.

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